How much does the CSA cost?

We have designed our CSA program to accommodate those who want a traditional CSA share as well as those looking to custom order each week.  You simply pay in advance for the season, then weekly you may choose your groceries using our online store, we harvest and pack your groceries for you to pick-up at the farm or market,  Each time you order we deduct the amount ordered from your account balance. 

Considerations when choosing your credit level

We offer a progressive discount plan for those making payments at the beginning of the season. For every $100 you pay in advance you would receive a credit of 1%.  The more you pay up front, the higher the credit percentage and there's no maximum and the choice is yours! In addition, payments in $100 increments made during the season will receive the same percent discount as your initial payment. Payments must be made by April 1st to obtain the credit.  So when purchasing your share, carefully try an approximate the amount of produce you will use during the sesaon,  just so you receive the highest discount possible!

The traditional weekly share is called the “Farmer's Choice” and is valued at $25 per week for 25 weeks for a total of $625.  The Farmer's Choice box will be available in the shopping cart from May 16th until October 31st.  So if you want the traditional CSA Share, you pay $600, then each week you will order the product titled "Farmer's Choice".  You would have $636 worth of credit, so in addition to the "Farmer's Choice", you can order $11 of whatever suits you. Although, as previous sharehoulders are aware, the Farmer's Choice is normally such a GREAT value and packed full of produce, that most with small families won't need to order anything additional!

Example of Seasonsal CSA with Discount for Pre-Payment at the Beginning of Season
Amount you Pay Discount Credit Applied to your Shopping Cart Average Weekly Cost

$400* 4% $416 $16
* additional purchsases throughout the season, beyond $416, would qualify for a 4% discount.

$600** 6% $636 $25.44
** additional purchsases througout the season, beyond $636, would qualify for a 6% discount.

$1000*** 10% $1100 $44
*** additional purchsases througout the season, beyond $1100, would qualify for a 10% discount.

How the Market Style CSA Works

  • Your share (your weekly order) will be available Saturday's for pick-up at either the farm or the North Asheville Tailgate Market.  You will use your credit between May 16th and October 31st. 
  • Each Tuesday or Wednesday you will receive an eNewsletter alerting you that the availablity in the shopping cart has been updated.  The newsletter also describes new produce available that week along with recipes, and the happenings on the farm.
  • Once you receive your weekly eNewsletter, you will use the online store,and select the items that you wish for your share.  Each Friday we will harvest and pack your order for pick-up Saturday at the Farm or the North Asheville Tailgate Market. We do know that many of you like the surprise and challenge in receiving a traditional CSA Share each week, so for those who prefer this style of CSA, you will have the option of choosing the Farmer’s Choice share from the online store.  You also have the choice of creating a "custom share" by ordering individual items from the online store.  In fact, you can combine the Farmer's Choice and selected items from the online store.
  • Minimum order amount is $15 for any week that your place an order.
  • The advantages for the shareholder is that you won’t be required to pick-up each week, just as long as you use your available credit before the end of the season, because your payment is non-refundable. Not only will this type of CSA offer the shareholder a more flexible schedule, but it will allow for the farm to set a cap on the amount of hours spent on production, allowing us to move towards building the farm vacation rental cabin.
  • Payment options - We accept checks or cash.  Sorry, we do not currently accept credit/debit card payments.  You are welcome to pay on a per order basis, however, you will not receive the pre-paid discount.  We are happy to work with your budget so please contact us via email if you need to make arrangements for other payment options.