Salsa Verde or Salsa Roja

(Tomatillo or Green Tomato Salsa)

My sister-in-law is from Mexico, she not only brings her wonderful positive personality to our family, but she also has a wonderful culture to share with us.Part of the culture she shares with us is her familyís wonderful recipes.Salsa Verde is a staple at many of her family meals and is added as a topping to eggs at breakfast, a sauce for chips at lunch, or a sauce for dinner.††

If you arenít interested in trying this recipe, tomatillos may be added to your soups or salads for their tangy lemony flavor.



1/4 white onion

6 or 7 tomatillos for Salsa Verde or 2 large paste tomatoes for Salsa Roja

1/2 cup fresh cilantro

1 clove of garlic

1 teaspoon salt

1 jalapeno



Remove the cellulose husks and wash the tomatillos.Be sure your tomatillos are firm. You'll notice they have a slightly sticky surface. This is normal.Put everything in the blender.Blend Ė but donít blend until totally smooth - you want to have a good consistency yet you want everything mixed.Enjoy!


NOTE: The highly nutritional aspects of tomatillos may surprise you. One medium raw tomatillo contains only 11 calories, yet it packs 91 mg. of potassium. That same little fruit contains 4 mg. of vitamin C, 2.4 mg of calcium, 2.38 mg. of folic acid, and 39 IU of vitamin A. Imagine the benefits if you include several in your recipe!!!!